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Opening in the spring of 2019: Säbelthoma Trail (Säbelthomaweg)


Art P

August 19, 2020 · Community
Both the kids and I rated it a 6 out of 10. Some really nice stretches; but there are a lot of somewhat boring sections on logging roads with little tree cover, and not a lot to see. Pros: the trail is really well marked and some nice views. Several nice ponds where one can take a break and have a snack. Other Cons: During the 'tourist season' Hinterzarten can be packed and parking can be difficult. We had to hunt for parking for about 15 minutes. Even the parking at the train station was full. Think of taking the local commuter train if that is attractive to you. Also, the trail could get a little busy; this is apparently a very popular route. The stop at the farm for a refreshing drink was nice. The hill climb is a good workout. I wouldn't recommend this for small children. Tweens are fine. Special note for those that use handheld GPS; the GPX file supplied here sometimes doesn't map closely to the actual trail in certain sections. That said, because the trail markings were so good, it wasn't big problem.

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