Der schmale Pfad durchs Rötelbachtal verspricht puren Wandergenuss


Water, Woods and Meadow Trail - Black Forest Pleasure Trail and Premium Trail


Viktoria Nazarova

August 06, 2019 · Community
Hi! Is this trail good and safe for a solo-hike in September? Thank you!

3 replies

Answer by Stefan Wagner · August 06, 2019 · Community
Yes absolutely, no big deal. Really nice hiking Trail!
Answer by Martin Schlender · August 06, 2019 · Community
No problem at all. Not difficult and Betty 6 easy
Answer by Klaus Frirdich  · August 07, 2019 · Community
Yes, sure, no problem. I recommend light hiking shoes, then it goes well. Enjoy your trip to the beautyful Blackforest Area User
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