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Der schmale Pfad durchs Rötelbachtal verspricht puren Wandergenuss


Water, Woods and Meadow Trail - Black Forest Pleasure Trail and Premium Trail


Caroline Alexander

July 19, 2020 · Community
Is this trail dog friendly?

3 replies

Answered by Nadja Bennett · July 19, 2020 · Community
Yes it is :) only the way around the Stubenfelsen might be a little difficult. Also there are lots of people on saturdays or sundays. The way after at the water is so nice!
Answered by Chris Ta  · July 19, 2020 · Community
Yes, ist is, like Nadja wrote. Up to the Stubenfelsen you have to be sure-footed, that part is steep and rocky. In my opinion that was the only a little bit demanding part of the hike.
Answered by Anton Baur · July 19, 2020 · Community
Hallo Caroline Alexander Ja auf dieser Runde kannst Du Dein Hund springen lassen.
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