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Schluchsee Hunter´s Hike (Schluchseer Jägersteig)

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  • Amalienruhe
    / Amalienruhe
    Photo: Hochschwarzwald Tourismus
  • / Pirschpfad
    Photo: Angelika Hergert, Hochschwarzwald Tourismus
  • / Deutsches Wandersiegel Premiumweg
    Photo: Hochschwarzwald Tourismus
  • / Aussicht vom Bildstein
    Photo: André Ivancic, Hochschwarzwald Tourismus
  • / Schluchsee
    Photo: Hochschwarzwald Tourismus
750 900 1050 1200 1350 m km 2 4 6 8 10 Eingangsportal Stutzhütte Pirschpfad Der Bildstein - ein unglaubliches Panorama Amalienruhe

Premium hike with marvelous views over Schluchsee and idyllic, narrow paths in scenic surroundings
11.3 km
4:00 h
236 m
236 m
Our hiking trail leads on the old "Jägerpfad" up to the Ahaberg. Continue on the historical "Grenzweg" to "Bildstein". There awaits us a geological rarity for the Southern Black Forest - and a unique view: with a clear visibility, the view raches across the lake to the 3,614 m high Tödi in the Swiss Alps. After the descent, it goes back from Aha along the Schluchsee-shore. It may be that two worlds clash here: first lonely paths in the woods and then the much-traveled lakeside path. But you can also find loneliness here: early in the morning, when the sun rises over the lake, or on foggy November days, when the lake unfolds its own magic.


The Jägersteig is not suitable for pushchairs! - Back carry can be borrowed at the tourist information Schluchsee.


"Open your eyes" on the high black forest premium hiking trails. Because on every way there is a stamp point in the form of a cuckoo clock. These offer the opportunity to document the hikes by stamp in the Hochschwarzwälder Wanderpass. Further information can be found at https:

Author’s recommendation

Don’t forget your bathing suit. The lakeshore offers many possibilities to cool off!

Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
1157 m
Lowest point
924 m
Best time of year


We recommend sturdy shoes!

The Jägersteig is not suitable for pushchairs! - Back carry can be borrowed at the tourist information Schluchsee.

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The Black Forest pleasure walks were developed for hikers who want to connect the landscape experience and pleasure delights.


You can find more pleasure walks in the Black Forest at


hiker’s parking lot “Im Wolfsgrund” – or, alternatively, the train station in Schluchsee-Aha (information board at the Seglerheim junction) (931 m)
47.820302, 8.172399
32T 438050 5296659

Turn-by-turn directions

We start our tour from the hiker’s parking lot “Im Wolfsgrund”. Alternatively we could start at the train station in Schluchsee-Aha (information board at the Seglerheim junction). From the parking lot “Im Wolfsgrund”, we walk under the B500 underpass, follow the hiking trail to the left, and cross the L156 to Lenzkirch. After crossing, we then take the hike and bike path along Freiburger Straße (B500). After a short distance, the entry to Schluchsee’s Hunter’s Hike [Jägersteig] comes into view. At this point, we enter the Bannwald forest and follow the narrow path past a woodyard until we come up to a cabin. From here, we walk to the Hanselefelsen, a crag, turn left, and continue on a wider path. After a short walk, the sensational view comes into sight! After crossing over Ahaberg, we follow the path in the direction of Bildstein. On this part of the hike, we can either continue on the direct route to Bildstein or explore the newly created “Pirschpfad”. At the lookout point Bildstein, the view of Schluchsee is exhilarating. After a rest and with renewed energy, we embark on our descent to Unteraha by means of a narrow path. The path takes us to a boat dock, where we walk along the lake until we reach Amalienruhe. This headland offers a fine view across the lake. To round off, the tour takes us to the town of Schluchsee, where we cross the pedestrian bridge to get to the other side of the train tracks. From here, we walk past Café am See, back to the parking lot for hikers.

Public transport

Regional train from Freiburg to Seebrugg, get off at Aha or Schluchsee

Getting there

B31 from Freiburg to Neustadt: take B317/B500 by entering from Basel/ Feldberg/W.T./Schluchsee/Lenzkirch, turn left in the direction of Bärental and follow the B500 to Schluchsee via Aha


Wanderparkplatz  "Im Wolfsgrund"/Parkplatz Bahnhof Schluchsee


Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Melanie Heidenberger
November 24, 2019 · Community
Schöne Rundwanderung. Der erste Teil wirklich schön mit schmalen Waldpfaden entspannt bergauf, der letzte Teil leider ziemlich langweilig, da man zwischen Bundesstraße und See gelaufen ist. Immer nur geradeaus. Alles in allem gut machbar. Kurzer steiler Aufstieg zum Bildstein lohnt sich!!
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Done at November 24, 2019
Photo: Melanie Heidenberger, Community
Photo: Melanie Heidenberger, Community
Photo: Melanie Heidenberger, Community
Photo: Melanie Heidenberger, Community
Photo: Melanie Heidenberger, Community
Carmen und Andreas Haselmaier 
October 21, 2019 · Community
Schöner Weg, etwas überlaufen, war aber auch Top Herbstwetter
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Montag, 21. Oktober 2019 10:24:41
Photo: Carmen und Andreas Haselmaier, Community
Montag, 21. Oktober 2019 10:24:59
Photo: Carmen und Andreas Haselmaier, Community
Montag, 21. Oktober 2019 10:25:12
Photo: Carmen und Andreas Haselmaier, Community
Hans Janssens
July 29, 2019 · Community
De eerste 4 km loopt men door het bos naar boven langs smalle paden, op zich niks spectaculairs. eenmaal op hoogt bekomt men 1 à 2 zichten op het meer, op 2/3 van de tour heeft men uiteindelijk een mooi en tevens het enige uitzichtpunt. Dab begint de daling naar Aha, van daar uit loop men over een brede verharde eg tussen de bomen (zonder zicht) en langs de autoweg (met veel lawaai) en spoorweg aan zijn linker zijde, aan de rechter zijde het meer, maar ja dat kan men niet zien. Voor mij is deze weg met de beste wil van de wereld de naam Geniesserpfad niet waardig. Vandaar uit goede wil nog een 3 op 5. Gratis parkeren is wel mogelijk op het einde van Schluchsee, wel beperkt aantal plaatsen en dan moet je ongeveer 1 km aanlopen. zo niet dient men 5 euro parkinggeld in munten bij zich te hebben en is parkeren enkel mogelijk op de hier beschreven parkeerplaats (op de ander parkings kan men max. 4 uur parkeren). Deze tocht kan ik zeker niet aanraden.
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Done at July 29, 2019
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11.3 km
4:00 h
236 m
236 m
Loop Scenic With refreshment stops


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