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The wine route around “Weil am Rhein”

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  • Weinweg Reben Ötlingen
    / Weinweg Reben Ötlingen
    Photo: R. Kagerer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Weinweg
    / Weinweg
    Photo: E. Fischer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Blick vom Ochsen in Ötlingen
    / Blick vom Ochsen in Ötlingen
    Photo: R. Kagerer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Herbsten am Weinberg
    / Herbsten am Weinberg
    Photo: R. Kagerer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Weinberg Vesper
    / Weinberg Vesper
    Photo: R. Kagerer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Gemeinsam am Weinweg
    / Gemeinsam am Weinweg
    Photo: O. Welti, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Thementafel am Weinweg
    / Thementafel am Weinweg
    Photo: R. Kagerer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Familie mit Kindern auf dem Weinweg
    / Familie mit Kindern auf dem Weinweg
    Photo: R. Kagerer, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
  • Weinweg zwischen den Reben
    / Weinweg zwischen den Reben
    Photo: O. Welti, Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
Map / The wine route around “Weil am Rhein”
0 150 300 450 600 m km 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 "Zum Himmel her" - "Öchslewetter" Trinkwasserbrunnen Katzgaß "Mann und Frau"

This wine route from “Weil am Rhein” to “Lörrach/Tüllingen” and then to the Swiss village “Riehen” gives you an insight into the beauty of the margravian country. It is the first wine route of the region that implies passing tolls and it is perfect for a pleasant 2 hour walk. There are 50 theme boards that inform you about where you are at, the wine of the region, the landscape, the nature and about the everyday life of the vintners. There are also constant events and guided tours. Of course you also have the opportunity to taste the different wines and eat something in several vineyards, companionships and restaurants. The following description leads you along the wine route and informs you about viewpoints and art objects you’ll find along the route.  

We wish you a delightful walk through the vineyards and lots of fun discovering the culinary art from the restaurants.

3.9 km
2:00 h
44 m
15 m
Wine route of “Weil”

This route starts in “Alt- Weil” where the street “Lörracher/Riehener Straße” junctions the “Röhrigasse”. You could also start in the village “Ötlingen” on the street “Dorfstraße” at the restaurant “Dreiländerblick”.

Going from “Alt- Weil” to “Ötlingen”

You will recognize the entrance when you see the blue shaft “Vom Himmel her” which is an artwork gathering the vine as a topic. The trail ascents steeply for 100 meters until you reach the breast wall “Öchslewetter” which is full of graffiti art. There you’ll find the first theme board where you have to turn left onto the “Weiler Weinweg”. This path leads you on 4 km through 77 hectare of vine towards Ötlingen. It is fairly even path and you will be able to enjoy the amazing view over the boarder triangle, the Rhine plain, the Swiss Jura Mountains, the Alsace and the Vosges Mountains.

On top of the hill “Tüllinger” you will find the legendary church “St. Ottilien”. Continue walking until you reach the junction at the bench and follow the left path down the hill. You are now above the historical village “Alt- Weil”. When you come to the next junction you have to take the left way again which will slowly ascent, past the vine huts and the “Bammershüsli”, until you reach the tower “Feuertulpenturm”. It stands for life and energy. You still have about 3 km ahead of you until you reach the end of the wine route. Follow the trail until you reach the “Katzgaß” which leads you down onto the “Weilweg”. You will find a fountain with drinking water there. It is the only one on this tour, so take a rest there to refresh a little. After taking a break continue walking straight forward on the street “Katzgaß”.

You will now recognize a change in the scenery. There are no vineyards anylonger but meadows with scattered fruit trees and many gardens. Continue following the path past the garden of the “Vitra- museum”, where you can take a rest on a long bench with a beautiful view over the amazing building of the “Vitra- Design- Museum”. Now continue by getting onto the “Torgaß” which will lead you down onto the “Weilweg”. Here you first have to turn left but then immediately right again onto the “Verne- Panton_Weg” which leads you to the campus of “Vitra”. Continue walking straight to the cabin “Schererhütte”. You now have managed half of the tour. The scenery changes again and you are now walking through the vine yards “Haltinger Stiege. Here the vine yards alternate with meadows. There is also an artwork on the way named “Mann und Frau” (man and woman).

You will cross the street “Tüllinger Weg”, which leads down into “Haltingen” and up onto the square “Tüllinger Lindenplatz”, as well as the street “Lörracher Weg”, which leads down into “Haltingen” and up towards “Lörrach”. The scenery is very diverse. Behind a little hill you will find the village “Ötlingen”, which is a district of the city “Weil am Rhein”. All buildings of the main road in this village are under monumental protection. You will pass another vine yard cabin named “Julihütte”. From now on there is only one kilometer left.

Here the vineyards “Ötlinger Sonnholde” start and the path now goes again through the vineyards until you reach the wall “Stützmauer”. You now have two opportunities to choose of. You can either walk a steep 100 m long path (“Im Pflanzer”) directly towards the village “Ötlingen” or you can continue walking on the wine route, where you have the opportunity to rest on several benches and enjoy the view or climb up the stairs to the church square. This is called the most beautiful terrace of the Margravian Country. You will pass the “Trotteschöpfli” next and from here you can either take the asphalted street “Hohleweg” back into the village or take the left path to walk the last meters of the wine route towards the restaurant “Dreiländerblick”: From there the street “Langgaß” leads you into the village.

Now you can grab a bite in one of the several cozy restaurants and look at the art- village “Ötlingen”. You can also drink a glass of wine in the winery “Vinessli” or take a look at the old forge. Then the wine route leads you from “Ötlingen” towards “Alt- Weil”. You can also take the panorama trail which runs above the wine route or take the margravian wine route “Wiiwegli”. If you are tired a share taxi could pick you up at the bus stop “Dorfstraße”.

From the village “Ötlingen” to “Alt- Weil”

You start at the “Dorfstraße/Langgaß” in “Ötlingen” and turn left onto the “Hohleweg”. Then continue on the wine route of “Weil” (Weiler Weinweg). Always take the left path at junctions. At the end you have to turn right into the street “Röhrigasse” and walk until you find our starting and destination point at the blue steles (“Blaue Stelen”). User
Weil am Rhein Wirtschaft & Tourismus GmbH
Updated: 2018-10-19

353 m
309 m
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Festes Schuhwerk ist empfehlenswert.

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Tüllinger Weinweg

Riehener Weinweg


Weil am Rhein (308 m)
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3.9 km
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44 m
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